Trauma: Breakout Session 2a


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Peter A. Burke, MD
Stents for blunt vascular injury: Ever operate? - Virenda I. Patel, MD
Ligate all the veins under the diaphragm? - Timothy A. Emhoff, MD
Fix the artery before or after the bone? - Ronald I. Gross, MD
Which arteries can I ligate? - David R. King, MD
George Velmahos, MD
Case #1: and audience vote - David R King, MD
Case #2: and audience vote   vs.
Case #3: and audience vote   Suresh K. Agarwal, MD
- Moderator:
Carl J. Hauser, MD
Open pelvic fractures: Crippling, lethal! - Robert J. Winchell, MD
Bleeding control: Damage-control angiography - Benjamin J. Pomerantz, MD
Minor pelvic fractures: Never a problem? - Chad T. Wilson, MD



Peter Burke

Peter Burke, MD

Professor of Surgery, Boston University

Timothy Emhoff

Timothy Emhoff, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
University of Massachusetts Medical School;
Chief of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center

Virenda Patel

Virenda Patel, MD

Instructor in Surgery
Vascular Surgeon
Massachusetts General Hospital

Ronald Gross

Ronald Gross, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

David King

David King, MD

Instructor in Surgery; Trauma Surgeon

George Velmahos

George Velmahos, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School Chief, Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts

Carl Hauser

Carl Hauser, MD

Professor of Surgery

Robert Winchell

Robert Winchell, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery

Daniel Talmor

Daniel Talmor, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Anesthesia

George Frendl

George Frendl, MD, PhD

Richard Pino

Richard Pino, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Anesthesia

Erik Garpestad

Erik Garpestad, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Ulrich Schmidt

Ulrich Schmidt, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesia

Nicholaw Sadovnikoff

Nicholaw Sadovnikoff, MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesia

James Hurst

James Hurst, MD

Professor of Surgery

Suresh Agarwal

Suresh Agarwal, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery
Boston University School of Medicine
Division of Trauma, Boston Medical Center

Benjamin Pomerantz

Benjamin Pomerantz, MD

Instructor in Radiology
Radiology Department
Massachusetts General Hospital

Chad Wilson

Chad Wilson, MD, MPH

Assistant in Surgery
Trauma, Emergency Surgery & Surgical Critical Care
Massachusetts General Hospital