Trauma and Critical Care: Integrated Session 1


Sorry CME is no longer available for this course

PREHOSPITAL - Moderator:
Paul D. Biddinger, MD
Telemonitoring: Lessons from the military - David R. King, MD
Direct transfers to the operating room - Suzanne K. Wedel, MD
Prehospital bleeding control - Hasan B. Alam, MD
- Moderator:
Alasdair K.T. Conn, MD
CT is adequate for c-spine clearance - Marc A. de Moya, MD
CT is inadequate for c-spine clearance - Mitchel A. Harris, MD
- Moderator:
David F. Brown, MD
The ideal rapid induction agents - Susan R. Wilcox, MD
Video-intubation - David A. Peak, MD
Cricothyroidotomy: indications, technique - Patricia O’Neill, MD
- Moderator:
Timothy A. Emhoff, MD
Extremity compartment kills - Edward Kelly, MD
Abdominal compartment kills - Carl J. Hauser, MD
How to close a fasciotomy - Eric J. Mahoney, MD
How to close an open abdomen - Leonard J. Weireter, MD



George Velmahos

George Velmahos, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School Chief, Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery, and Surgical Critical Care Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts

Paul Biddinger

Paul Biddinger, MD

Director of Operations and Disaster Medicine

David King

David King, MD

Instructor in Surgery; Trauma Surgeon

Susan Wedel

Susan Wedel, MD

Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director

Hasan Alam

Hasan Alam, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Alasdair Conn

Alasdair Conn, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery; Chief of Emergency Services Massachusetts General Hospital

Marc De Moya

Marc De Moya, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Mitchel Harris

Mitchel Harris, MD

Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery
Chief, Orthopedic Trauma
Brigham & Women?s Hospital

Susan Wilcox

Susan Wilcox, MD

Assistant in Anesthesia; Internist

Carl Hauser

Carl Hauser, MD

Professor of Surgery

Eric Mahoney

Eric Mahoney, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

David Brown

David Brown, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery
Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Services
Massachusetts General Hospital

David Peak

David Peak, MD

Instructor in Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital

Patricia O'Neill

Patricia O'Neill, MD, RN

Associate Professor of Surgery

Interim Director of Surgery
Co-Director, Division of Trauma & Critical Care
State University of New York
Downstate Medical Center

Timothy Emhoff

Timothy Emhoff, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery
University of Massachusetts Medical School;
Chief of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center

Edward Kelly

Edward Kelly, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Division of Trauma, Burns and Critical Care
Brigham and Women?s Hospital

Leonard Weireter

Leonard Weireter, MD

Professor of Surgery
Department of Surgery, Eastern Virginia Medical School