Critical Care Breakout Session 5b


Sorry CME is no longer available for this course

ICU ETHICS - Moderator:
Alice Gervasini, RN, PhD
Treat the relatives, not only the patient - Ronald E. Hirschberg, MD
Give alcohol to the alcoholic? - Shamim H. Nejad, MD
Are hard restraints humane? - James F. Watkins, MD
Family members in ICU rounds? - Heena Santry, MD
Luca M. Bigatello, MD
The perfect pain killer - Padma Gulur, MD
The perfect sedation agent - Michael T. Bailin, MD
The perfect nutritional regimen - Vihas Patel, MD
NEW MESSAGES - Moderator:
James M. Hurst, MD
Fulminant C. difficile colitis: When and how to react - Miguel M. Gaeta, MD
Donation after cardiac death - Nahel Elias, MD
Beyond antibiotics: antiseptic bathing, oral and environmental hygiene - Cheryl D. Waldron, NP



Alice Gervasini

Alice Gervasini, PhD, RN

Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Heena Santry

Heena Santry, MD

Assistant in Surgery, Trauma, Emergency

Luca Bigatello

Luca Bigatello, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesia and Critical Care

Michael Bailin

Michael Bailin, MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesia

James Hurst

James Hurst, MD

Professor of Surgery

Ronald Hirschberg

Ronald Hirschberg, MD

Instructor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Massachusetts General Hospital

Shamim Nejad

Shamim Nejad, MD

Burns and Trauma Psychiatry Consultant
Department of Psychiatry
Massachusetts General Hospital

James Watkins

James Watkins, MD

Instructor of Surgery
Division of Trauma, Burns and Critical Care
Brigham and Women?s Hospital

Padmar Gulur

Padmar Gulur, MD

Instructor of Anesthesia
Director, Inpatient Pain Services
Massachusetts General Hospital

Vihas Patel

Vihas Patel, MD

Instructor in Surgery
Director, Metabolic Support Service
Surgeon, Trauma, Burn and Surgical Critical Care
Brigham and Women?s Hospital

Miguel Gaeta

Miguel Gaeta, MD

Instructor in Surgery
Trauma Surgeon, Elliot Hospital and
Massachusetts General Hospital

Nahel Elias

Nahel Elias, MD

Instructor in Surgery
Transplantation Unit, Department of Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital

Cheryl Waldron

Cheryl Waldron, NP

Nurse Practitioner (MSN)
Massachusetts General Hospital